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01-10-2011, 07:05 AM
You own a top race horse and have to make a choice of where to send him to stud.
The best location in North America, AU or Kiwi.
The best stud farm for you horse.

NA =Ontario sires stakes, TaraHills Stud have the clients, the down side could be the number of stallions they have, but it could also be a plus for people with multiple mares only using the one studfarm. Cost-Co´s, or Bunning´s a one stop shop. I think it´s good for breeders= good for stallion owners.
AU=Pepper Tree stud NSW the state is improving so big things to come. We will not have to wait to much longer and some of the bigger stud farms will have bases located in NSW.
AU=Alabar stud VIC the only place for a new stallion in this state.numbers numbers they get big numbers breed to the new stallions and export semen to NZ I think?
NZ= Nevele R ?? note to shure abot da Kiwi stood fam, could bei sex good fams.