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Thread: VIC change to COT policy

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    Member Gelding David Martin will become famous soon enough
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    David Martin
    Hi everyone, HRV is pleased that this rule will soon be removed. It is something that we requested 12 months ago, but there were insufficient other States who supported the request, so the National rule remained. HRV then made a local change to rules in Vic which started this conversation thread. When the matter was tabled at a HRA forum this year, there was unanimous agreement that the rule should be removed. As the HRA notice indicated, each State body needs to work through their processes to formally rescind the rule, and HRV is currently in the midst of that. Shouldn't be too long now before HRV formally advises an end to this rule in Vic! Cheers, David

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    Senior Member 4YO gutwagon will become famous soon enough gutwagon's Avatar
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    Rick Mckinley
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    That's good news David, thanks for keeping us informed. I think the issue causing more problems for our industry was the inconsistent enforcement of the rule. This was leading to the very often heard saying "it depends who you are" . We need consistent enforcement of all rules to give the image of a level playing field.
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    Senior Member 2YO Dot will become famous soon enough
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    Dot Schmidt
    Whilst I'm not a fan of the COT rule as it stands/stood let's not forget it was introduced in an effort to curb certain practices in races that were not at the time being stamped out by the other rules in place. Those would be the same rules that are now once again anticipated to be used to negate the need for the change of tactics rule.

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