This race was very exciting, but a heartbreak as well.

It hurts when circumstances beat your horse, and you can't do ANYTHING about it !!

QUICK WORK was NOT a easy gate horse. And getting him "out" and thru the first turn was always a problem. But he was really SHARP on that day, and won his elimination over DELMONICA HANOVER.

I don't watch the FINAL very often, because it just hurts soo much. There were two (2) recalls (for "what" we never figured out ?) where QW got away fine, and was "on top" in the first 100 meters. But on the 3rd "start" the starter released the field even though DELMONICA HANOVER "crowded" us off the gate which caused QW ( now "hot" after two recalls) and he made a "break". Unusually QW "got back trotting" quickly, but not before losing contact with the field.

After that, he circled EVERYBODY, got to the top, but Timothy T got a perfect trip behind us and QW could not hold him off, and finished 2nd. But since QW beat DELMONICA HANOVER, we couldn't file a "inquiry" because we beat the horse that caused the foul to us.

Even the swedish sports papers declared QW the "moral" winner.

Richard DuCHARME