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Thread: How does Amanda Turnbull gain Representative honours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danno View Post
    Period of disqualification reduced to 16 days, the equivalent of time already served, probably some sort of world record for presenting a horse not clean, which she plead guilty to.


    It is a long transcript but when you read these 3 points I am not sure I follow why Amanda gets less than Chris - because it is tougher for a pro to do the time?

    34. That raises the issue of parity. What of parity in New South Wales. The
    case of Frisby is, to some extent, on all fours with this matter. It was, of
    course, nearly two years ago but the principles essentially, subject to what
    is a third category of matter to which the Tribunal need return, is current
    Page 8
    today. It is perhaps more apt to look at the differences rather than
    summarise the similarities in respect of Frisby. Frisby, on the presentation of
    the same type of drug, after a 35-day withholding period rather than 8 to 10,
    received a three month disqualification.
    35. The differences essentially are that he was a hobby trainer, whereas this
    appellant is very much a professional trainer and driver. The other
    difference, of course, is that Frisby did not have the benefit of the decision in
    his case, whereas this appellant had available to her, by way of selfeducation,
    the capacity to have taken cognisance of Tribunal decisions in
    respect of matters such as she now finds herself in trouble for and what
    likely consequences might follow and what can be done to avoid it.
    36. The substantial differences, however, with Frisby are that here this
    appellant notified the stewards. That has been referred to as a factual
    matter. Here also, the Tribunal notes, as it has referred to in some detail,
    that post Frisby no warnings have been given to the industry. Frisby, it might
    be noted, had a slightly longer association with the industry. Other than that,
    essentially the facts are the same. That is, the key ones: the horse was
    taken by the subject trainer to a reputable veterinarian who provided proper
    diagnosis, treatment and advice. And that advice was followed by Frisby on
    a withdrawal period of 35 days and here, 15 days. Each of them followed
    professional and, within harness racing, what to a veterinarian might have
    been an appropriate piece of advice.
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    This is really starting to wreak like carcass in the sun. When one of her owners has the top of the tree position with HRNSW it really makes you wonder how the Integrity clauses are truly implemented. Have they set a precedent? What further damage has it caused this sport or does this follow many weak knees penalties that have been fished out in the Thoroughbred industry? Once again we hear about a decision that just makes you roll your eyes and question if there is any justice.

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    It's unfortunate that she had already served 16 days.

    Otherwise, she might have had accommodation and return airfares to the Gold Coast added to her seemingly-harsh disqualification!

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    Turnbull's must be a protected species they pretty much get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again, while other drivers and trainers get the rule book thrown at them for doing the same thing . Nathan got 2 and half years for drugging a horse then he gets it cut back to 3 months what a joke he's probably still laughing about it. Have a look at what Mitch Turnbull did to Mckayler Barnes it the last race at Bathurst 28th February he got 7 days had it been the other way around Mckayler would have a got 4 weeks if she was lucky
    Then you have the precious Amanda, need I say any more she is a Turnbull so that's enough said . As the saying goes if you do the crime you do the time
    well that doesn't apply if your last name is Turnbull
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