Imagine that ? Who would have thought such a thing ?

Nobody "cheats" in sports, do they ? Certainly NOT in Horse Racing ?

That just ain't cricket !!

Opps... They do !

Probably are a few Harness Trainers that should be banned for life too ?

We have raced against Rubber Duck. Did we have a "fair" chance ? The questions around certain "drugs" and horses/trainers is not simply the "level" of the PED that was in their blood ? but WHY certain drugs ( glaucine ) are in their system at all ?

What "legit" medical reason was the drug "given" in the first place ? ( like the horse had a choice )

OR was the drug (any pre-race drug) given to just make the horse "feel better" ie: race better ?

Blaming a + test on a "poppy-seed" ( QE ll ), or + glaucine tests on the "shavings" is just searching for "plausible deniability ? and a CYA (lawyer advised answer)

I hope Johnson's lawyer gets a answer ?? " Inquiring minds want to know " ?

I think Lord Sebastian Coe ( IAAF ) might find the answer interesting also ?