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Thread: Where could we have a 2nd Melbourne metro track?

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    Between races at the dogs I overheard the Sky or radio announcer mention something to do with the bet size being essentially 5 to 1, meaning 5 of their currency equals 1 oz dollar. I may have heard wrong though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Messenger View Post
    Who makes up the VicTAB pool?

    Before turning off the idiot box I see Singapore gallops on Thoroughbred Central and notice the size of the win pool
    Shocked, I do some research
    I don't know whether R3 is going to reach the level of R2 which had $285k Win pool and $180k Place pool (who needs attendance)

    How do we compete with that?

    The Shep trot run around the same time held $20k Win and $9k Place

    Singapore R3 now jumped and they ended up with $337k Win pool - is this all Australian money at about 10.30pm AEDT?

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    Confirmed - it is co-mingled (phew)
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    I think we have to stick with Melton and make it better. Friday night racing at Melton was a disaster for our sport as people and horses struggled with traffic and it just was not possible for many people to get there for the first few races. The previous board should have realized this after 12 months and not let it drag on for years.

    We need to stick to Saturday nights , having the gallops on that night may even increase turnover with people betting on Harness between gallop races.
    Melton should have been a 1400m track from the start so extend the track and provide some more outdoor under cover seating and fix the parade ring.
    Bring back standing starts and race from 1 mile up to 2 miles for variety. Without a massive boost from the state government another metro track is just a dream.

    They need to focus on getting new owners and breeders as well as turnover.
    Don't die wondering !

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