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Thread: ASBA Survey Results

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    ASBA Survey Results

    Survey Results as printed in Trackbred Magazine

    Just over 500 Breeders responded nationwide.

    -70% hobby breeders , only 11.3% full time , 78% are over the age of 45 years and 20.2% are over 65.
    - 75% bred two or less mares over the past 2 seasons with 78% claiming they bred to race, 24% bred to sell.
    -a concerning figure: 50% said they are looking to cease breeding citing rising costs and loss of interest being the main factors.
    - 90.3% would like to see a national mares bonus system , however it was 50/50 when asked if a system like that would encourage a breeder to breed from that extra mare.
    - Two thirds believe stallion booking numbers should be limited.
    - almost 70% support a levy on shuttle stallions and believe our own stallions are on a par with those imported from the Northern Hemisphere.
    - -77% said they would consider breeding from a colonial stallion if there was an incentive to do so.
    - a whopping 88% want better information on stallion fertility
    - 83% are more likely to buy or keep a filly if there were more racing opportunities for them
    -62% would be encouraged to breed more if given the opportunity to race a filly/ mare against their own sex.

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    There are some things to consider there for HRV but I don't expect them to take any notice !
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