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Thread: Stewards Reports

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    I havent received my card for this season because I have moved interstate and have not bothered to chase it up. My brother who has resided in Tasmania and owns a share of a horse we have in WA always got a card regardless of his location. I was only using 2012/13 as an example but that system was operation last season, I cannot verify it is in for season 2017/18 but I will check Monday. You could enter the races GP , Bunbury wherever with the card but if you did not have a runner they would stop access to the stables, but if the gate keeper knew your head after a few yrs then he might let you in to talk to your trainer who would have other horses to race that night. Bare in mind you are talking about 60 y/o's going in to the stabling area not young drunks. Of course rules still applied , no alcohol past this point etc and they always had someone circling the area checking for miscreants. I am not aware of any incident over the past 15 years. It was controlled to a certain extent without going overboard. I could imagine the Inters will be a bit tighter this year, I think that is the only event they charge you for, I think the last couple it was $30. There was also free parking that came with that card, which was very handy. All in all RWWA have to be congratulated for a great system for owners. Free girls were not provided, you had to make your own luck with that at the casino just down the road. "Just sayin" in case you ask that question.

    Trials (not held at GP) were similar- you were allowed in the stabling area if you were an owner and if you were'nt well you could still wander in, of course non owners and newcomers stood out like sore thumbs.

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    arlington- "I don't know if there is any HRV licencing where you don't have to complete an initial OHS program. You would have for your stablehand licence Rick?"

    I know trainers and stablehands had to complete an OHS program when the new system came in and about 5 years ago there was an update. Trouble is they have no idea who is actually doing it ! It's all done online and I know people that have done the course for about 6 others who just couldn't be bothered doing it. So it's a bit of a joke really.
    That WA system sounds like a much better deal for owners.
    Don't die wondering !

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