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  1. Lethal
    Guess what Trish, you now have your own thread, whoopee!
  2. Lethal
    What is about Teecee that he always goes in to defend anyone who might be implicated in illegal drug use. Isn't he the moderator on this site? He seems to me to be the wrong person.
  3. Lethal
    Guess what Trish ? we've just been dumped. Teecee does not seem to like any thing that I post, (see name and shame) which is very little.but he has brought you into this one, sorry.
  4. Lethal
    I really wonder why some people on this site think that IT doesn't happen
    Bring it on i say but will HRNSW target the chosen few or hide it?
    Might be interesting
    Hello and we really should catch up(remember that race at Bankstown)
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