I'm scratching my head over this one; I just can't make sense of this:

Saturday's race card included the Matron Stakes. The venue was well attended. On Race 9, a NW10001 Last 5, the exacta payout for odds of 6.7 and 9 was $139.60. On Race 12, a $7500 Claiming Race, the exacta payout on odds of 3.9 and 10.3 was $191.20.

These payouts make sense.

What doesn't make sense to me is Race 14, a FMW2LT--the exacta payout on odds of 5.4 and 8.4 was $47.60.

As further reference, last night's card (Race 6) had an exacta payout for odds of 3.6 and 1.5 of $43.40!

I have emailed Dover Downs asking for detail; as of this posting, they have not responded.

Can anyone make sense of these numbers? It's hard for me to believe that on the evening of the Matron Stakes, that an exacta pool from one race would vary that much from any other race that evening.

Am I missing something?