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On the 1200m racing


It is good to hear from the CEO !

I hope it appeals to a new audience - we will have to see it reflected in turnover

I still think it is about making our races quicker (less of a footprint on Sky)

PP has pointed out that this is NOT why the greyhounds turnover is up But rather that they are running twice as many races!
Think of the big/time lengthy gallops races - Cox Plate, Melbourne Cup etc etc
Shorter races will definitely help with getting an audience who don't like the boring 60-90 seconds in middle section of 2100-2200m trots when nothing happens. Still a fan of more racing though. 9 race cards are better than 7 race cards etc.

Melbourne Cup is once a year. Rest of the year the gallops barely have races over 2000m+. Typical card 90% of races 1600m or less. Also - have a look at the rise of 1200m Everest and decline of Melbourne Cup in recent years.