Sebastian Coe, or at least someone like him to grab this issue of PED's by the horns, and wrestle it to the ground ? If he didn't already have a job ? I would say HIRE him !

As we approach the most prestigious international trotting race in The USA ( Yonker's International )
Horsemen, officials, and the fans need to DEMAND a system where a World Record, [B][U]REALLY[B][U]

is a [B][U]WORLD[B][U] record.

A mile race in NORWAY (which already has taken the lead on the PED issue) should use the SAME drug testing standards as a race in The USA or CANADA, or anywhere else in the world. And vice / versa

Otherwise, you are comparing apples to oranges.

Undoubtedly, The International will be a exciting race to watch. But whatever horse wins ? Would that horse (and trainer) be able to pass the post-race urine test ? say in Norway ? or even another track, in another state ? or country ?

So is a WORLD Record, REALLY a "WR" if it was set under NON-uniform testing standards ?

Perhaps ? instead of simply PASSING a horse ( pass or fail drug testing ) according to the jurisdiction
(state, or country) the complete test, with actual levels of medications should be published ?

If a horse doesn't pass EVERY where, then it isn't a world record ANY where ?