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Thread: Thank You PM Lofven

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    Member Gelding richard1955 will become famous soon enough
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    richard ducharme

    Thank You PM Lofven

    I realize of course he sends THOUSANDS of such "autographed" ( auto-pen I am sure) photos every
    year. But still he sent one to my Dad (at my request) and I am grateful

    I am sure I would get something similar if I wrote to ABBA ? lol

    Still, it will "center" nicely with some of my father's other memorabilia. I am trying to "put together" a "This Is Your Life" scrap book for father's day

    I would still appreciate a CLEAR scan of the 1975 articles concerning Quick Work. I would like to
    "frame them up" for Father's day ( June)

    Richard DuChARME

    PS: Our stable is getting busy again. We sold most of our older raceway horses. They were still money earners ( at least under our system ), but we have 5 2 yr old, and we need to "make room"

    3 "homebred" Abundance's are a bit behind because of weather. But are two sale colts are on schedule and we like one a lot.

    Valley of Sin qualified (won) and was a closing 2nd his first start. He is the M/L "fav" Sat @ Chester, and that always stresses me. With VoS EVERY step he takes stresses me. I doubt if he comes back as sharp as he did last year ?, but the fact he races at all is a miracle.

    We will stay east this year. And we will have to "live with" the catch drivers we get. Never a good situation, and particularly not with him. We aren't going to "chase our own $$$" making Stake Payments to the major FFA Trots. Dad and I can't handle the "logistics" any more. But when VoS is "sharp" we aren't afraid of any horse. Hopefully the racing gods will give him his chance this summer ?

    VoS is the star jr hockey player that "breaks his foot" ( LF coffin bone) right before the olympics. The talent was ALWAYS there. VoS just needed a different trainer, and training method.
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