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Thread: Lead Speeds

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    Sectional Data to HRA

    Question Lead Speeds

    Due to different distance races the lead times are not overly helpful in establishing how quick each horse actually is in a race.
    We analyse races using sectional data and have often thought how good it would be to have a consistent lead distance to compare horses. We provide the individual sectionals for most of Australia and we have thought about approaching all States with the idea of putting pegs 150m past each starting distance and providing each horses lead times for the first 150m of each race. We think this would be a true reflection of gate speed, at least for the front row horses. It can also be done for standing starts, noting some horses will run a longer distance.

    Before we approach the industry we thought we would canvass the idea here to see if it would be of interest. What do you think?
    We also plan on expanding to do individual sectionals for trial runs as some of our customers have expressed interest in this information.

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    Senior Member Stallion aussiebreno is just really nice aussiebreno is just really nice
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    I don't strongly agree but do agree. Could possibly go as far as each 50m for the first 200m. Variable mobile speed is a bit of an issue. Personally I'd probably still use my eye, knowledge of a horse and reading of what each driver should be/will be doing in the race rather than a lead time but can see benefits.

    They can go hand in hand but what I'd like to see most is 200m sectionals. So if race is 2300m we have the first 100m sectional and then 11x 200m sectionals. If race is 1950m we have a 150m sectional and then 9x 200m sectionals etc.

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    Senior Member Horse Of The Year arlington will become famous soon enough
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    Wayne Hayes
    Have often thought about lead mile rates. I realise it's only 40 metres in a 1650 distance race (as an example) but it's about being able to better compare apples with apples.
    Not as comprehensive as individual sectionals for the first 150m as a guide to building a dossier of gate speed per horse but still it's more universal than a lead time.

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    Senior Member Horse Of The Year Dot will become famous soon enough
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    Sure you could put the in more markers to create more data, but ultimately there is no substitute for watching races for doing the form. Some horses do have more gate speed then others, some considerably more the others, but given that multiple factors determine how hard out a horse will be driven aren’t you likely to create “red herrings” when a horse with gatespeed isn’t driven out hard for several starts because of barrier draw and horses with good gatespeed drawn inside it, and then when it’s drawn better or with less speed drawn inside it does come out hard?

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    There is certainly no substitute for watching races.
    I wonder whether 150m is too far. Many a great starter doesn't even have to zoom for 100m because they have already got the lead under control
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