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Thread: Damn gallopers

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    Senior Member Horse Of The Year arlington will become famous soon enough
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    Wayne Hayes
    Perhaps, Racing Victoria and the police unit have benefited from how the harness racing case has progressed and mutually adopted a different approach from the outset?

    I think Racing Victoria has treated D Weir pretty well, so far, especially after reading the RABD transcript, found via this
    The bottom of page 4, starting with "Your record is a comparatively good one. There are numerous race-day offences of no great magnitude....

    Is 4 years harsh considering

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    Junior Member Weanling halfyourluck will become famous soon enough
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    Graeme Gourley
    The RADB chairman writes just below on page 5 :

    "There has been no charge of any substance that the Stewards wish to bring to our attention for 15 years. "

    Whether the penalty handed down is appropriate or not, it is just mind boggling that anyone could write that, given that the listing has also appeared in so many press articles.

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    Senior Member Horse Of The Year Dot will become famous soon enough
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    Dot Schmidt
    Think the RAD board was trying to justify giving Weir only a penalty of four years. I’ve little doubt if they were trying or actually giving Weir a greater penalty that list would be referred to as a history of scant regard for officialdom and evidence of a culture of offending.

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