No offense to the cleveland horseman but wagering on the ohio circuit tonight got me thinking...... Northfield Park drivers need some driving lessons.

Joey Mapes
Frank Harris
Dan Kennedy
John Green
Lanny Merriman
David Brickell
Daren Harvey
Cassidy Melloy
Thomas Swift
Bob Eidens
Ben Miller
Andrew Coblentz
Pat Melloy Jr
Phil Davie
David Majeskie
Charles Smith Jr
Clair Umholtz
Tye Loy
AJ Carlo

Honestly this is got to be hands down the worst set of drivers and any track period. To make it even worse it is low level claimers running for 1800 on a half mile. Again most of these people named are very good horseman but just because you know a horse doesnt mean you can drive....I would advise only betting a hand few of drivers 80 percent of the time.