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Thread: Oil on Trotting Track

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    Oil on Trotting Track

    Is there anyone out there currently or have applied oil to a trotting track, if so what are the pro / cons, what oil?, any help please will be appreciated...

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    Track Oil

    A few years ago after an extremely dry spring we applied oil to our towns training track to see if we could resolve dust issue's affecting the horses that were joging there.A friend of mine who lot feeds cattle was using a massive amount of vegetable oil extract and mentioned that the supplier said it was great for containing dust.So he tried it on some roads around the sheds and driveway with teriffic results.So we applied some to about a 250mt dry dusty section of the 650mt track at a rate of about 300lt oil/300lt water.After initiially thinking that it wasn't working we found after a week it incorporated with the soil and abousolutely stopped all the dust and remained that way for about two months.It got the thumbs up from all the trainers and if the same conditions prevail again we would use it on all of he track with no hesitation.

    Cheers K

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