Many years ago I developed a statistical based "Game Plan" for handicapping harness races for the Chicagoland racing scene. My best track was old Sportsman's Park in Cicero, especially after they converted it to a 7/8ths mile track. My system seems to work great for Woodbine and is excellent for Pick Four play. Here are some of the horses I am watching for tonight at Woodbine.

1st) #6 BIG UNIT is a strong play with #1 Prudhoe Bay having a shot at a price. #7, #8 and #2 need to be worked into your exotic wagers.

2nd) The only horse that met the statistical thresholds in this race was #1 Wark Woman

3rd) #6 Flight Exec seems well placed to pull off a mild upset versus #5 Boxcar with an early speed duel possible with #7 Sunday Poker who needs to be considered for the exotics. #1 Remorse Code should get a nice trip.

4th) #4 ER Room with Jamieson is a solid pick here with the #5 Southward Razor the only other horse to meet criteria. (Use 4 and 5 in Pick Four)

5th) This is a wide open race which should give us a decent price on #2 IL Villaggio with Jamieson in the bike. Only the #10 failed to meet criteria. (1,2,6,7 in Pick Four)

6th) Since my method is based on statistical methods a NW2R race is not ideal for the system to excel. But #3 Shopping with Art looks like a standout here. Only #2 and #10 failed to meet criteria. (1,3,5,7 in Pick Four)

7th) #5 Whole Lotta Shakin is a solid pick but I am concerned about getting more than 8/5 on the odds here. #4, #2, #1, and #8 should be worked into the exotic wagers.
(4,5 in Pick Four)

8th) This is another wide open race with only the #7,#8, and #9 failing to meet criteria. #4 Joshua My Boy looks very well placed here. (2,3,4 in Pick Four)

9th) Another wide open race with just the #1 and #9 failing to meet the minimums. #2 Sombrero Hall is my top pick but if a speed duel occurs look for the #10 Slip Into Glide to be coming late. #4 Reven Up could return to his winning ways if he can avoid gait trouble and get a trip. (2,4,10 in Pick Four)

10th) One of my best plays of the night is #6 Machal Angelo. Only #4 failed to meet criteria. (2,6 in Pick Four)

11th) Another solid play is the #1 OK Ebury at a decent price. This is one of those system picks based on statistical analysis where the horse qualifies despite performances that look less than appetizing in the charts. (based mainly on pace within the races)
(1,2,6,7 in Pick Four)

12th) This is a tough handicapping race but I will give a lukewarm nod to #7 Xexy. If the #1 Bare Necessity is ready to race he could pop at a nice price.

Good luck tonight at Woodbine!