All eyes will be on Albion Park this Saturday night for the Group one Queensland Pacing Championship,
the champ Blacks A Fake has come up with the horrour post of 8, inside the second row, with his main danger Mr Feelgood in the gun hole of 2.
The other main dangers have all got the back line draw as well, Washakie 9, Be Good Johnny 10, and Lonestar Legend in 11. The sleeper in the race could be the muched improved Hesa Buzzin in 3.
All eyes will be on Nat at the start, to see if she pulls the champ back early before making a move around to the spot outside the leader.
I'm tipping Mr Feelgood to lead all the way, from the champ Blacks A Fake, and Be Good Johnny for 3rd. This will be a great race and i think we could get even money about Blackie because of the draw!