We hear so little about the "russian" trotting sport ? All your info is thus very interesting. What is the current level of trotting in russia ? And since PRIVATE ownership in russia is now possible ? Who are the major breeders, owners, trainers, and horses (racehorses and sires) ?

Tell us more ?

Dad's memory is a little "foggy" on the time the russian delegation came to the paddock @ Yonkers and looked at Quick Work.

Obviously it had to be pretty OFFICIAL because they got into the paddock on a "race night" ? So they would have had to have "clearance"
from the NY Racing Commission ?

They couldn't offer enough $ for QW, and we didn't need the money. But the Flower Dance "connection" makes WHY they wanted to even look at QW more interesting ? What are the most recent horses exported to russia ?

One thing I do remember ( I wasn't there that night ) is that Dad said several of the russians had TERRIBLE teeth (dental work) ! And had
several of those silver metal "fake" teeth ? But I imagine Putin's teeth are pretty good ? LOL