unfortunately there was not enough time to logistically arrange all the blood work, and travel documents.

Also, my father (John DuCHARME) is 90, and travel is difficult, and thus he could NOT come and watch his horse.

VoS is "in" @ The Poconos on Sunday, but after missing 2 starts due to races not "filling" ? I only hope VoS races well ? I don't consider this a case of being "well rested", this is more a case of probably being a bit short due to inactivity. Certainly NOT a reason to "gut" our horse just to "prove" something ?

We are breeding some of our own mares, and will probably return VoS to The Meadows later this summer for more racing.

But I thought it important that VoS's "invite" be known. We aren't "afraid" of any horses that might start? It was a situation where we just couldn't get EVERYTHING arranged on short notice (10 days).