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I have NO problem naming trainers like Fabrice Souloy (cobalt) or Ake Svanstedt (dexamethasone)
or Ron Burke and Julie Miller (glaucine) as CHEATERS. They all test + on horses in their stables.

My father was chief steward, and 1st in-house attorney for USTA. His opinion was (is) Because we still race a PRIVATE Stable of trotters. That a trainer can use legal meds as prescribed for the use that they were PRESCRIBED to help a horse be what he/she IS, the problem is that trainers use a cocktail of "meds" in a "grey" area to gain a 1-step advantage at the wire. His legal opinion was that "meds" can NOT be used to make a horse what he isn't.

Of course 50 years ago the concern was drugs like "bute", NOT cobra venom, or cobalt.

I support the IAAF proposal to simply "erase" ALL world records, and start with NEW, tougher, and a single international testing regime.

And any world records ( Yonkers INTERNATIONAL TROT ) should certainly have a * And RESOLVE certainly should NOT (but he will) start in the race he was caught cheating in ( The Cashman Memorial) last year ?

It isn't the horses's fault. They have NO choice. This is a problem because of PEOPLE trying to gain a un-fair advantage. And in cases like RESOLVE, it isn't even about the money, it all about "bragging rights" and EGOS


Richard DuCHARME