I am glad that there is a "plausible deniability" explanation ? And I am sure British Racing is VERY happy that there is a CYA answer ? And I do know that it has been shown that is IS "possible" But it sounds a lot like a plot on Seinfeld

PLEASE be clear, I am NOT, in any way, shape. or form implicating The Queen

But this is how bad it has become ? I am sure the Queen had to "forfeit" her trophies and purse ?

I have recently returned to Harness Racing after having lived several of the past years in SE Asia and not actively involved in racing

This has allowed me a "fresh" look at a LOT of OLD problems that are part of racing.

The reason I post to the "europe board" is that our stable ONLY trains trotters. And thus I pay more "attention" to Europe. Also it is nice to see that the racing public still stands behind our sport in Europe. And I might even consider the possibility of buying/breeding in Europe as part of our stable's future plans ?

That was also why I explained my father's basis ( ENGLISH Steeple Chase ) for his LEGAL decision on this board. But it is probably a ruling that could be applied in ANY country given those VERY "unique" circumstances involved in that particular accident.

I admit I have a unusual "inside" look ? That being the son of the guy who wrote the rule book. Rules that might be used in several countries rule books in some shape or form ? But I can also "see" as a former trainer/driver myself ( a long, long time ago. And in a galaxy far, far away" )

And I can tell you that some problems (sport's doping) have only gotten worse and more sophisticated

Sometimes you need to step away, so you can come back and SEE the problem that "creeps" along un-acknowledged year to year.

Perhaps the IAAF has the right idea ? If you can't trust ANY records, then don't verify ANY records
And wipe the slate clean and "re-set" the records under more rigorous and internationally recognized testing standard ?

Who knows about the record's Dan Patch and Greyhound set ? But RESOLVE's WR in The Yonker's International should certainly be "suspect" ? And he certainly shouldn't (but will) start in the race he was DQ'ed in 2016

Try to fool me once ? shame on you. Try to fool me twice ? shame on me !

As always IMHO