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    Norway Trotting has shown some real courage and handed down a suspension worthy of the crime (doping) to French Trainer. Hopefully Sweden will also suspend Fabrice Souloy ?

    However ? IF they simply allow "trainership" to shift on "paper" to his brother-in-law ?
    Then it is just a shell game ?

    However on the same day. RESOLVE announced his return. Boasting about his "record win" @ Yonkers in 2016, and this year's Cutler win ? and even his 3rd place @ Stockholm approx a month ago.

    While RESOLVE ( Ake Svanstedt ) tested + for a "lesser" ( Class 3) drug (Dexamethazone) in the 2016 Cashman Memorial ? The "intent" is a "pattern". That being to gain a un-fair, and un-natural advantage. Either in stamina ? or speed ? the intent was to use the vet and medications for artificial benefit.

    The trainer, sat out a 15 day suspension in the "off season" after RESOLVE was finished racing for the year anyway. Of course he was DQ'ed and the "win" TROPHY was awarded to the 2nd place finisher. But I read that RESOLVE's owner was appealing the forfeit of the purse money ? ( I assume that was for naught ? )

    The larger point is WHY should this horse and this trainer be WELCOMED back ? Without a "mention" of his "dirty" past ?

    RESOLVE will undoubtedly race (be invited) to the Yonkers International. and even the very race he was DQ'ed from last year for a + test ( The Cashman. ) The question is SHOULD he ?

    If the IAAF thinks all world record's are TAINTED ? Then why would someone think any different about RESOLVES's "world record" ? Should it be considered "legit" ?

    My father's position as a steward was that : " You can help a horse be what he NATURALLY is ! thru prescribed medications, for the prescribed purpose, in prescribed doses. You can NOT use a "cocktail" of meds in a "grey" area to try to make a horse better than what he NATURALLY is "

    Those " morals and ethics " seem "lost" in these days of cobra venom and COBALT

    EVERYONE should congratulate NORWAY for having a spine, and taking the action they did.

    I would hope they would take similar action against RESOLVE ? Although he has already raced in Sweden this year ?
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