POCONO DOWNS: 1st Race July 15, 2017 ( I am having trouble attaching the video)

The margin shows a "neck" but VoS never "felt" threatened. He just seems to "know" ?
It is hard on the owners, but he likes to "come from behind" ?

We never doubted VoS would trot in 52 again. Apparently "others" did ? It was only a matter of a race setting up for his "style" . If the half had been a sec faster ? the result would have been the same. VoS likes to race off the last turn, and sling by "whoever" ? If VoS is with a reasonable distance, with a path thru the traffic ? he will trot past ANY horse.

I don't know IF we will face RESOLVE ? (eligibility issues) But we certainly are NOT "afraid" of him.

If ? VoS get's to do it NASCAR "style" ? Sometimes it would be "best" if VoS could drive himself ?

What would/does concern me more is racing both RESOLVE and "whatever" the "pre-race" program is for not only RESOLVE, but also "most" horses racing at the TOP levels.

Usually (99.95%) of the time the vets get the dosage / time windows right. Obviously this time they didn't ? But even when they "pass" ? the "drugs" are there ? just "legal" under the approved limits.

I don't question IF RESOLVE is a great horse. Obviously he is, and was always bred/meant to be.

The question is he a GREAT horse ? Was the "pre-race" before The YONKERS TROT, any different than the "pre-race" he used before The CASHMAN ? Or just more accurately dosed ?

If The IAAF is questioning EVERY "world record" ? (even Usain Bolt's). Then certainly ANY world records set by a horse already DQ'ed for + "doping" should be "questioned" ?

Remember, Lance Armstrong NEVER tested +

Sort of like the " OJ Question " ? " Do you really think he DID it " ?

Would RESOLVE still won ? Maybe ? Would he still have trotted in a "world record" ? Maybe ?
But we will NEVER know

But we do KNOW that Valley of Sin is a very special horse that was SOLD as a "lost cause" to my Dad
and like "yogi" said: "it's like déjà vu all over again"

When John DuCHARME speaks ? The world should do a better job of listening ?

And for those of you who would like to "read" my father's advice, on training, feeds, and a whole lot of things ? I would suggest that you read Dean Hoffman's Hoof Beats article Dec 2002

Richard DuCHARME