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Thread: the quest for the "extra" step ? or breath

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    the quest for the "extra" step ? or breath

    Most drugs get "mixed" into a "cocktail" of general performance drugs that are LEGALLY used 24-72 hours BEFORE the race in that quest to "make the horse FEEL better" (race better) with a veterinarians help as part of THEIR training "skills"

    And that is where I have the complaint.

    I, nor should any trainer have a complaint RACING apples against apples ? Horses against horses. But NOT apples against oranges ? too often trainers who don't "pre" race ( us ) face a trainer/owner (Russian Track Team) "mentality" combo that use (justify) the vet to PAY for a BIO-CHEMICAL advantage before the race even starts.

    That is what my complaint is about.

    That is a handicap that VoS faces even before the "draw" in EVERY start.

    And that is my complaint... ? It is the trainer/owner "mentality" to automatically use the vet as a substitute for good training.

    And that really is putting the cart before the horse ?


    (I remind everyone that VoS broke his L.F. coffin bone as a 3 yr old, plus injured his hind suspensories in a "pushed too hard" come-back as a 5 yr old

    The suspensories have been injected since we bought him, and he does race on LASIX for a charted "BL")
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