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Thread: Here Comes The Judge, , Order In The Courtroom, Because Here Comes The Judge

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    Here Comes The Judge, , Order In The Courtroom, Because Here Comes The Judge

    Apparently not enough people know who John DuCHARME is ? And ironically, the benchmark article (Hoofbeats Dec 2002) about my Dad is NOT available "on-line" because The USTA has only digitized back to 2004 ? Go figure ? And the Web-Words article ( Hoofbeats March 2003) is not available either ?

    So it is somewhat understandable ? But that doesn't make it right. All the articles that would inform HarnessLink readers about the "career" of John DuCHARME are basically unavailable unless you "know" about them. And because my father is 90, there are fewer people every day that KNOW the lifetime contribution that he has made (and given) to Harness Racing.

    My father basically wrote and published the MODERN "rule book" as the 1st in-house attorney for the USTA. His first job (@25) was to collect, organize all historical regulations, write, re-write, collate and publish what is now the " Rule Book" for the USA and CANADA ( CA was a USTA District back then)

    And I would imagine that several other countries use my father's writings and opinions as basis for their "rule books" also ?

    He has also worn EVERY other "hat" in the Horse Business and been successful at ALL.

    There is a old saying " If a trainer does't need any owner's ? Then he does't have any ! "
    We have ALWAYS bred, owned, trained, and sometimes driven our own horses.
    We don't have ANY owner's because we don't need (or want) ANY.

    My father is a self-made man who doesn't stand around the paddock "flicking his whip" or watch his horses race from the "owner's lounge". He (and I) were always too busy giving our horses a bath.

    And giving our blood/saliva sample ( NO worries as we do NOT pre-race ) or medicate our horses

    John DuCHARME is "everything" harness racing is, or was ever meant to be. And it would be a valuable "education" for a LOT of trainer's and owner's if the attended a few classes @ DuCHARME School.

    Richard DuCHARME
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