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Thread: The last CROWNTRON @ 35

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    Member Gelding richard1955 will become famous soon enough
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    richard ducharme

    The last CROWNTRON @ 35

    Or at least the last foal (alive) in the USA. There "might" be some in SWEDEN ? If anyone knows ?

    CROWNTRON of course being the sire of QUEEN L. Won won, and was 3rd in Prix de Amerique

    I think it is a horse named CROWNMINISTER (EE915) ? Another "homebred" by CROWNTRON out of a QUICK WORK mare.

    He did get to the races, and managed to WIN a qualifier, but not much else (lifetime earnings of only $1,731)

    My Dad gave this horse to a friend who owns/runs a private riding academy where CROWNMINISTER has taught "hundreds" of students both how to ride and "muck" a stall LOL

    Unfortunately CROWNTRON died "young" in SWEDEN (cancer). I am not sure of what other foals he sired in Europe ? And I welcome any breeding history that readers can provide ?

    Richard DuCHARME
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    Junior Member Foal Risto V will become famous soon enough
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    Risto Vidgren
    Crowntron died in 1986. However, the last Crowntrons were born in 1993! One of them was even named Last Crowntron.

    Some frozen semen was sold after his death which produced this 1993 crop of eight horses.

    Unfortunately, he hasn't left an impact in the Scandinavian bloodlines despite his 1st generation progeny was excellent. The best sons didn't sire anything special and even Queen L. hasn't have offspring even close to her level.



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    Member Gelding richard1955 will become famous soon enough
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    richard ducharme
    Yeah, it is always a "puzzle" about genetics ? It is disappointing that he didn't produce better ? Even Queen L

    The horse in the photo ( CROWNMINISTER ) only got a record of Q2:06.1f and barley $1000 lifetime.
    But he apparently made a GREAT schooling horse for a riding academy

    CROWNTRON only had 7 US foals ALL "homebreds"
    The best being FRONT ZIPPER ( 1:57.4 $112,340 ) who wasn't a bad raceway horse for the day.

    We sold him to Jackie Parker, jr., and if I remember correctly ? He won a race @ 1 3/8 in Chicago ( US Trotting Championship ? )
    That the chicago papers "said" was a World Record ? I "question" if that was so ?

    He ended his career racing on the cheap claimer Quebec circuit

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    Member Gelding EuroTrot will become famous soon enough
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    Mario Vinci
    The Crowntron daughter Crown Tess was a successful broadmare in Germany!

    Her son Cao Dai got a few chances in breeding.

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