I realize that some might be tired of my opinion on PED's ? Or even disagree ?
But reading this article should give EVERYONE a moment of "reflection" ? And a chance to look back 15 years and ask ? "Have things gotten any better" ?

Take for an example the recent sales of some TOP races Horses with + blood tests that sold for multiple
6 figures. Given that you have PAST "performance" to "judge" a racehorse, are/did the buyer's buy a
"super horse" (w/ breeding genes worth adding and passing on) ? or a "artificial" horse ? made into
a better horse than he/she was ever meant to be ?

When you buy a yearling, you NEVER know what you might get ? There is always "hope" at the yearling sales. We bought two (2) modestly priced colts. We, nor most have the "pockets" to bid on the sale toppers. But we OWN all our horses, and still pay all our own bills. So we still would "like to make a profit.