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Thread: Horses don't have HIPA rights

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    Member Gelding richard1955 will become famous soon enough
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    richard ducharme

    Horses don't have HIPA rights

    HIPA - Health Information Privacy Act. Does Europe have such a rule ? I don't know ? Horses are considered AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY, not any different than a cow, pig, or chicken. They can be bought, sold, and even "slaughtered" purely on the decision of the owner. They can even be "put down" on the spot by orders from the state ( ie: race injury ) without any permission from the owner for "humanitarian" reasons.

    And horses slaughtered for human consumption (personally abhorrent to ME) ! But I understand that there are DAILY flights from CANADA (Quebec) to FRANCE with "fresh" horse meat ? And they undoubtedly are subject to a variety of state ordered drug testing ( growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics). The results being available under public information laws.

    Similarly, to the public demand to know about GMO corn or wheat is.

    So whereas, a human athlete might have a certain expectation of "privacy" concerning medical testing ? A horse does NOT have such privacy rights.

    So let's "open " the COMPLETE results of ALL the pre-race "blood tests", and post-race urine testing.
    It isn't enough to just say that a horse is "clean" because he/she has a drug level BELOW the threshold. The bigger question is WHY certain PED's are in a horses system at all ? And is there ANY "acceptable" level ?

    In a gambling sport where a bettor's financial decision might be "changed" IF he/she knew the COMPLETE blood results? IF they only KNEW what horses were racing on "bute" or "dex"? whatever ?

    Shouldn't the "fans" have the right to know such information ? just as they can look at the previous race charts to gauge their bet ?

    If the complete blood report was made PUBLICLY available ? then we would find out what horses and trainers really are "clean" and those who use the vet as part of their "training" ?

    Hopefully then ? the other horses/trainers would truly have a "equal" shot at post-time ? Or at least the knowledge of WHO "cheats" and who doesn't ?

    It isn't enough to just know IF a horse manages to simply "pass" the drug testing ? the bigger question is why COBRA VENOM (or others) are in their system at ALL ?

    If our horse (any trainer) we would like to know IF we are racing against the other horses ? or are we racing against them + their vet ?

    And since horses don't have HIPA rights ? I see NO reason that the results of horse's previous blood testing shouldn't be made available ? just as the previous performance race charts are ?

    Perhaps the " blood stain " will come out in the wash ?


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    Member Gelding richard1955 will become famous soon enough
    Real Name
    richard ducharme
    The point I am making is that while Tiger Woods can play at the PROFESSIONAL level on all sorts of pain meds and/or
    steroids for his well documented "back problems" ? as long as they are PRESCRIBED by his doctors they are covered under HIPA

    Even more common with the professional CONTACT sports. Who knows what pain meds (opiates) professional ( amateurs too) use in
    sports like football, hockey, or rugby ? they are covered under HIPA. Because they are prescribed by their DOCTORS

    Horses legally don't have that right. And making the COMPLETE pre/post race tests PUBLIC would "level the race track" for all parties

    If a horse races on ANY detected level of a PED ? it should be public because there is no HIPA rights "protecting" the horse ( and thus the owner and trainer).

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