Was given to me by Frank Irwin. As I have said, " I have been around the horse business for awhile "
I forget how old I was ? Dad was Presiding Judge @ Brandywine and I was still in High School and was just starting to jog and train our horses

Mr. IRWIN & BRET HANOVER used to do public winner circle meet & greets. One night @ Brandywine
I was in the winner's circle after one of Bret Hanover's predicted victories.

Frank saw me, and looked up at the judges stand, and "saluted" my dad with the whip, and said to me
" Your John's boy aren't you ? " I said yes, and he rubbed my head and handed me his whip he used in the race. Adding " Your Dad is a good judge "

Wish I still had that whip ? You don't always recognize the importance of some things ? at the time.

I knew ALL the great trainers, Sanders Russel, Stanley, Billy, Joe O'Brian, Del Insko, name them, and I knew them because they ALL raced @ Brandywine under my Dad.

The " horse business " (sport) has changed a LOT since then. Not always for the best.