I would like to obtain a "frame able" copy of a article that appeared after our 1975 trip to Sovalla.

The day AFTER the elitlopp one of the swedish papers declared QUICK WORK the "moral" victor, after he won his elimination, and finished a amazing 2nd to Timothy T after a terrible auto start.

We were visibly "interfered" with by DELMONICA HANOVER @ the gate, yet after two previous re-calls the starter let them "go"

Watch the race, and you will understand what a remarkable performance it was. We still finished ahead of her (beat her in the elim also), and beat DIMITRIA also. But the race was declared "offical"
So what could we do ? We beat the horse that interfered with us ? But it was NOT a "fair" start

Anyway, if any readers can assist in obtaining such a copy ? I would be grateful.
I would like to "frame" it for my father

PS: It is in Swedish, so a swedish to english translation page would be helpful ?

Richard DuCHARME