Does anyone have photos, or video ( drone) ? of Sunday's Matinee races @ Pinehurst ?

SPECIFICALLY, the 5th race and #5 Major Bolt

He is a LONG way from a "champion" ? or even "profitable" LOL But so far, so good.
He is sub 2:20, and "behaved himself" in his "race" even though it only went in 2:32

If anyone has the photos/video ? Please contact me.

Also, just to let people know. For those trainers who want/need to stay further North ? That
Pinehurst is a NICE place to train, in a NICE town.

And it had "stalls" this winter. And although THIS year was a bit more "winter" than North Carolina usually has, it sure is a LOT warmer than the training centers in the mid-west or NY/NJ

I encourage you to check it out ?

Richard DuCHARME