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Thread: May 1st, time to ship north

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    May 1st, time to ship north

    winter is over, and it is time to get back to the horse BUSINESS. our 2 yr olds (5) are still on course.
    With one showing a LOT of ability. So like always " Hope springs a new in the racing business "

    We sold several of our older raceway horses. And Valley of Sin has qualified, and is making his 1st start on Friday.

    I doubt if he re-gains the SHARP "form" that he had a year ago when the europen invites were going out ? We would have liked to have come, and certainly weren't "ducking" ANY horse !! But "logistics" of managing a PRIVATE stable are complex. And my father @ 90 yrs old just couldn't go.

    We will see how VoS races this summer ? But the "miracle" is that he races at all given all of his problems. "others" gave up on him, but my Dad has a pretty good eye for horse flesh !

    Certainly a "bargain" @ a "claiming price" !

    And it is the "guts" and "racing desire" that VoS has shown that makes US want to train his foals. He only has one "nut" and will be "lost" among all the young "hot" sires BUT we respect the sort of "will to win" that it takes to set a 3 yr old track record on a broken LF coffin bone ?

    Dad and I hope VoS has another good year ? We intend to stay east this year ? We will hope the racing gods "smile" on us this year ? But as a private/independent stable we will be forced to deal with "rotating catch drivers" AGAIN. And that is never a good situation when you want to keep a horse "sharp" !

    We won't "chase our own money" nominating him to the F1 Formula One Circuit races. We aren't out to "prove" VoS to anybody. If they can't see that VoS was a "Heisman" favorite that "broke a bone" early in his senior year, and missed the next 2 seasons before his management "agents" (VIP Stables) got rid of him ? Then so be it. He doesn't have to prove anything to us.

    So we will keep our fingers crossed and hope for a good year.

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    Super Moderator Stallion Richard prior will become famous soon enough Richard prior's Avatar
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    Good luck Richard

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