After some well deserved "time off" ( VoS had made nearly 75 starts ). He has returned to form. After a fast closing 2nd in his first start, VoS won handily in 1:54 @ Chester as the heavy favorite in his 2nd race.

Per usual, it was his come from behind style. He doesn't control the fractions, so he could have gone faster. With him, it all depends on how the 1st half sets up ?

He should have been in the $30K race with Rubber Duck and Opulent Yankee. But the race sec controlled that. We certainly aren't afraid of any of those horses. But maybe ? those same horses + their "veterinarians" ? and what ever the "medical program" they race on

Now we "bounce" to Pococnos. Again in a cheaper conditioned race. And his 4th driver in as many starts. He is the "fav" AGAIN, but whether it is a $14K race, or the $30K race, or The Sweden Cup ? IF VoS is in "position" swinging off the turn ?

Then he can trot home with ANY horse.

We would like to return to europe, but Dad @ 91, and just all the "logistical" problems make that very hard to do. The LASIX and "hobbles" aren't a concern, he has won without both. But here (USA), it is just a "reality" of "economics"

I think people ( certainly VIP Stables ) are just so "shocked" to see VoS on the racetrack ? that they refuse to recognize how good he really is, and how GREAT he would have been without all his injuries.

We aren't going to "chase our own money" nominating him to races like The Cashman, or Breeder's Crown. We will let all those Formula One Teams tweek and tinker with whatever they are adding to their fuel mix from week to week ? They don't care about the money anyway ?, it is all about the trophies and bragging rights.

All we can hope for is that the racing gods smile on VoS this year ? and he gets a chance to swing off the turn at 1:23 3/4 clip ? I have NO doubts he can trot faster than 1:52, but that takes a perfect night and perfect conditions. We will hope for that night !!