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Thread: Tis the season: 2018/2019 foals

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    Senior Member 4YO KTQ will become famous soon enough
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    Katie Howlett
    Jack Mac,Sunnys Little Whiz, 3Bears
    THIS little darling is our first EVER chestnut standardbred. I cannot believe it - she is my instant favourite. Fly Like An Eagle - La Bliss. West Sired West Bred.

    We don't know where the chestnut came from. There are no redheads on Bliss's Mum's side - in fact her granddam and great granddam were black. Blissfull Hall, while himself light coloured giving Bliss a lighter colouring, has no chestnuts. Fly Like An Eagle's Mother's sister has 1 chestnut sister but that's it even going back generations. It would be an odd throwback to get a chestnut from that line - I reeeeeally hope she stays chestnut.


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    Senior Member Horse Of The Year Greg Hando will become famous soon enough
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    Greg Hando
    Central West NSW
    Blissfull Hall threw a few Chestnut's.
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    Senior Member 2YO Dot will become famous soon enough
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    Dot Schmidt
    As Greg said Katie Blissfull Hall sired a few chestnuts and as you said Fly Like An Eagles grand dam threw a chestnut he obviously carries the chestnut gene as well. Don't recall Falcon Seelster or Mach Three producing any chestnuts so it's likely they were homozygous for bay and masked the chestnut gene being passed down through FLARs dam line. It is a recessive gene and a foal needs to get a copy from both parents to be expressed but it can go for quite a number of generations without being expressed. Somewhere back in both parents pedigree will be a chestnut horse and I don't think you have any worries about your new favourite girl remaining a redhead!

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