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Thread: Eric Rothacker and Gentleman John

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    Eric Rothacker and Gentleman John

    Eric Rothacker of Bridgewater ( Vic) passed away on October 13 aged 89 and a celebration of his life will take place in Bendigo tomorrow, October 19.

    Eric was a cousin of the celebrated Gordon Rothacker, and was born on the same day as him.
    Gordon was born in the morning, Eric in the afternoon. Eric often commented that he spend the rest of his life trying to catch Gordon (on the track).

    Others in this family of "racing royalty": are brothers Bill and Vic, Gordon's brother Albert and nephew Robert, Eric's brothers RD (Des) , Stuart, and Eric and Stuart's sons Peter and Stuart Jnr.

    What the exception of Gordon, the family were hobby horsemen.

    Breeding from their own families, they produced :
    Inter Dominion, Hunter Cup, countless country cups, derbies, oaks and numerous FFA winners.

    Gentleman John , most well known of their breed won 55 races including the 1956 Inter Dominion, Hunter Cup and an amazing 33 Free For Alls, racing until he was 12.
    His family is the Dutch Girl family

    As the tribute from HRV notes: Eric left a significant imprint on trotting.
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    Eric Rothacker

    Eric Rothacker also had trained and drove a very smart mare named Susie's Star in the late 50s early 60s, won quite a few races "in town" at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

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