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Thread: Are HRV now editing the start of races so that we cannot see what really happened?

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    Senior Member Horse Of The Year arlington will become famous soon enough
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    Wayne Hayes
    Yes Kev, I made enquiries via another source as well. And your thoughts on what's shown? Let's keep it to the start please, per your initial post.

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    Senior Member 4YO Dot will become famous soon enough
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    Dot Schmidt
    First time I can discern ( I think) the green light very faintly is at the commencement of the 16 seconds mark of the replay. Inside wheel and shaft of 6 in line with the 5 so must be behind. 6 very obviously passing behind 5 during the course of that 1 second of replay ( I can’t reduce the time interval further) Green light certainly on at 17 second mark of the replay.

    Edit: with regard to the 7 starting between the 1 and 2 albeit still on the back line, which number panel on the mobile should the 1 be behind Wayne?

    Aren’t horses supposed to come of the circle from the outside gates first so they are on the gate first? I know some drivers have a preference to be on the gate early. Is facilitating this preference eroding the quality of the starts? ( there’s no “circle” in the states, they go up to the gate at will and are mostly all in position, a few more trotters excluded)

    Given that Mediatecs product development manager acknowledged a week ago on twitter that the replay was incomplete do you boys think it should have taken over a week and seperate approaches from you to get it fixed?
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