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    Thank You Flashing Red

    Thank you tahn for your explanation to my query about being banned ,

    I would love to say I am wiser for it ,but I'm if anything more confused

    “Cassie”, I am sorry I have not responded immediately, as I have previously stated I no longer have daily access to the internet.

    As to why you were banned, it was cumulatively for several reasons listed below.

    You have raised doubts as to the legitimacy of the success achieved by a particular trainer. I plead guilty to this

    You then list a number of other very successful trainers who now, as you say “can’t compete” against a particular trainer This was in response to another member boasting that LM was out training out driving everyone in N.S.W. and that those who are not suspicious of the performance of said trainer are in “the minority”. Which is 100% correct This is a negative connotation. Sorry You then use the result of a particular race and make a generalised statement that respected horseman and trainers that attended that meeting had “raised eyebrows” and were “shaking their head” at the result. I"M sorry for reporting what i saw, in future I'll remember to wear a blindfold next time I go to a meeting so I don't see these awful things. Another negative connotation. sorry again. You then tried to back yourself up with a silly story about a punter, who backed the winner, being also similarly disgusted with said horse’s performance. I'm happy to supply stat declarations from at least 2 other people to back my version of events up Tahn how many can you supply to say it never happened?
    You question what you determine to be “quick” results for some and that something must be up if those that were at the top of the tree for so long no longer are. Woops just stating facts . What conclusions do you think people will draw about this trainer by making these statements? More negativity. I guess they will draw their own conclusion that's why we live in a free country.

    You have insulted another forum poster who rationally and diplomatically disagreed with you. And I haven't been insulted for my views? You then go on to say a particular trainer’s success is hard to explain. That you believe that “spectacularly improved performance” is normally “drug related”. History say's that it usually is

    Anyone who disagrees with you on your views on the success of trainers are mocked with the must have been the “out train out drive mantra”. If you took time to read all the post you would know this mantra was first used by a LM fan.

    It is for all these reasons, accumulatively, you were banned by myself, for (a mere, I might add) 7 days to have a think about what you have written and why it has been inappropriate.

    To take the cake – and by your very own admission, you have no “proof of any wrong doing”. This means you do not have a leg to stand on. You may have thought you could get around a legal loophole by either not mentioning a trainer’s name, but the scope of defamation also covers inferences and don’t be fooled, everyone on here knows what you are saying and who you are saying it about. You have no leg to stand on, as by your own admission you have no proof of wrong doing. If you have no leg to stand on, don’t say it! It’s not that hard! You have to understand, this is a forum attached to a very large and popular website run by a very well known harness racing identity who is currently receiving almost daily calls on the crap that is written on this forum. You got me there , but then I did mention it several times doh.

    You are lucky you can’t defame animals or the dead, and as an example (and nothing more) of one of your typical posts, but you also implied that the vet that treated Phar Lap regularly prescribed a tonic (inferred to be arsenic) 100% correct and can prove it as the people involved are still alive. and that enlarged hearts and hoof problems were a side effect of arsenic administration –100 % correct look up any medical journal. and that Phar Lap showed both. 100% correct read any book on Phar Lap. Other than your first post on this forum about breeding, everything you said before your ban was negative towards a successful trainer, insulting or rebutting those who disagreed with you about said trainers and commenting on the use/alleged use of performance enhancing substances on two successful racehorses. There is so much more to harness racing than what you have currently bought to the table. I'm sure there is ,but this just happens to be a subject that I am passionate about

    Like I have said before, nothing is personal, but if you have no proof, don’t say it. But didn't you just imply that some of my post were not true without proof. It doesn’t matter what every Tom Dick and Harry says at the races. You have a right to an opinion but you are erroneous in your belief that you have a right to say whatever you want, be it in the real world or on this forum. That is the rules here, you can either accept them or not post. And as to questioning why another poster was not banned due to the content of one of their posts, like I have said before I do not have access to the internet on a daily basis anymore and I am not aware of the incident you speak about, How convenient which I assume to mean that it has been dealt with No it hasn't
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    Quote Originally Posted by candykisses View Post

    You have raised doubts as to the legitimacy of the success achieved by a particular trainer. I plead guilty to this
    Case Closed
    Please read the rules before posting.

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