With ongoing drug scandals in Australia it's important that everybody understands what can and can't be said on a public forum from a legal perspective.

A public forum IS NOT the same as chatting to people at the track. Legally it's akin to writing something in a newspaper, meaning if you are going to attack or accuse somebody, you need to be prepared to back your statements up with proof within that same post. If you do not you can be taken to court, or we (Harnesslink) can be; and we can be shut down.

You may discuss any publicly available information from reputable sources. These include but aren't limited to: Press releases put out by HRNSW (or other state organisations), news posted by HR Australia, or Harnesslink etc. If you are posting something that could be considered controversial you need to include the link to the source in your post.

If somebody has been caught cheating, you may call them a cheat. Personal attacks (like calling them an asshole) will not be tolerated.

Hinting that somebody is or might be cheating is the same as saying it directly. We can all read between the lines and that type of carry on is not allowed.

You can freely debate with other members, but again no personal attacks. Attack the argument not the person. If threads turn nasty they will be closed or deleted and members may be banned.

Depending on the severity of what is said, members who break these rules will receive warnings, or 7 day, 30 day, or permanent bans.

We want to ensure good lively discussion and trust that these small limitations are easy for most people on here to follow.