I have to say I am very disappointed with the management of the industry controlled Harness Racing Weekly in that they let one of their employees use his position as a writer in their employ to attack a stallion which stands in competition to the one that he manages. I am referring to Frank Marrion who is the front man for Love You in Nz. This weeks article casting aspersions about the mental strengths of the stock of Majestic Son is not the first time that Frank has used his position to either highlight Love You or throw stones at the competition. So I have done my own analysis of the progency of both stallions plus Muscles Yankee as all three are available to breeders in Nz

Love You--69 foals 3yr old or older
16 winners
3 winners of 5 races or more
Winners include Habiti--You Rock--Lotalov--Paramont Queen

Majestic Son--65 foals 3yr old or older--52 of which are 3
18 Winners
2 winners of 5 races or more
Winners include One over the Moon--Regal Petite

Muscles Yankee--80 foals 3yrold or older
11 Winners of 5 races or more
Winners include I Can Doosit --Snow's Big Boy--Burano--Life of the Party

In my opinion what has got Frank all stirred up is the the complete dominance of the stock of Majestic Son with his first crop of any size last year. And that's on both sides of the Tasman. And Love You continues to do a nice job without getting close to being value for money.This has resulted in Majestic Son attracting over 200 mares this season, some of those obviously at Love You's expence.
Service Fees-- Love You --$10000
Muscles Yankee $10000
Majestic Son $5000

But back to the reason for this thread. Is it okay for someone employed by the HRW to openly promote his own stallion--whilst in their employment--in their publications. I don't think Frank can be the only one here in the spotlight. Someone at HRNZ needs to explain the rational for the current situation.