I am newbie here..hi!

So me and my family are looking for a horse for me. Iv ridden 2 1/2 years about 2-3 times a week, under the instruction of my trainer.
I'm a intermediate rider, w/t/c and can jump 2'6. I'm working on cross country and can do 18in - 2'3 out in the field. I also focus in dressage so my flat work is very good. I am currently riding a 16.1 hh thoroughbred who is 7 and retired from the race track. He is green and has his baby moments a lot. That includes.. Spooking, bucking, kicking out, bolting, and getting hot and hard to ride and handle.
Iv learned a lot from him as all the other 20+ lesson horses I rode but I think it's time for my own.

We found a paint who we are going to be trialling very soon. Are paints good FIRST horse breed? This paint is 16.1-16.2 hands tall. He has show experience, has been used in a therapeutic riding program, can go outside and has been schooled 3ft.

Does this paint sound good? Are paints a good first horse?

We know all the costs and expenses, where we would keep him (at the barn I ride at now) how much he would get ridden ect..

Thx in advance!