I go on twitter and have done some real big marathons live around the world, generally 10am start Trots in USA, then all codes in New Zealand,
then Australia all codes, add South Africa after tea time, then finish in France harness and races and UK and some Asian racing if online also.

Finish about 3am so that is about 17 hours straight live online, rating up 4,000 runners in fitness off my computer and using Sky and TVN, no form study.

Last marathon was about 4 months ago.

It takes me about 2 days to get over it as I am no spring chicken @ 63.

Selected tips: Tips 1-2, all codes

1st tip Won about 82%

1-2 either tip Won about 90%

And many races, 1-2 in order, or in first three.

Last marathon I tipped 50 winners, 1st selection in 17 hours.

They stayed up cheering for me for that 50th winner for that marathon, it was good.

I am not getting into any arguements, that's just the way it is and will try and get back live for harness tipping, as I like them.

It just depends on how may dog races and that really mess's things up for the trots plus limited close ups.

I do not bet when I am live tipping as better to focus on what I am looking at without having to work out bet strategies to win.

Cheers Jim