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Thread: Stewards Reports

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    I think you are right that the stewards take it more seriously Pat but one day I would like to see zero tolerance to drugs like we have been discussing on the Ideas thread after the US's recent introduction of conditions for participating
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    Support you 100% there Kev, I am not saying I agree with what is happening ,it is just something I have observed of late and wanted to comment on. If they keep letting off the biggest trainers/driver in gallops and harness racing then it is stuffed. I read a report the other day where Marion Jones the Olympic sprinter was actually given 6 months jail for taking steroids and lying to the investigating committee. That was about 10-15 years ago. Can you imagine that type of punishment being given out here? Bearing in mind there is a lot more money involved in horse racing than there is in amateur athletics. They even walk out of the stewards meetings here and then get a $100 fine. What a joke. We even had Mark Purdon appealing a decision when copping a suspension after a group 1 race in Perth and even expecting to get the decision reversed according to the All stars publicity machine even though the rule he broke is set in stone and there was no chance it was going to be reversed. he even had a go at the stewards , they fined him and halved his fine !!!!!

    As a fine redhead once said "please explain"

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