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    Maybe it's common knowledge to some, but it wasn't to me and I've seen quite a few people mention it over the years. Once fields are out it's hard to know what the exact conditions of the race were. Short of having a gazette which changes anyway I've heard a few moan about the fact the fields and/or form section doesn't list out the total conditions, and of course races change a bit after noms especially now in NSW.
    So what you do is go to the meeting calendar area on Use Maryborough today as an example. If you just go into meeting calendar and click on Maryborough it will take you to the fields. So instead, do a program search (just search C0 or C1 because most meets have these) and it will come up with at least one race. Click on the link and it will open up the original race conditions.

    Update: Nowadays the best way to see exact conditions is to look at Form Guide instead of Fields
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