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    Banned Members

    From time to time, usually within this Australian Forum you will see members banned without an explanation, and may wonder why.

    99% of the time it is because these accounts are created by one of two people who have nothing better to do then to cause trouble here.

    Their original accounts have been banned long ago, and until they get a life they will continue to come and go under new accounts here. Members who have been here for a while now will know who these guys are, so if anybody suspects an account might be them please use the report post button and the mods will look into it.
    Please read the rules before posting.

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    Sometimes it is surprising to see Permanently Banned (ex) members continue to return to the forum
    I am tough on new members as Spam can be really annoying for moderators. Sometimes it may have been due to being asked to supply a real name and not obliging - if that is the case and you would now like to supply a real name
    email (as I have discovered that you cannot use private messages)
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